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German Goldenshteyn's musical treasure-trove represents a vital addition to the klezmer repertory! It is a cornucopia for those of us living both with and within Yiddish music! On top of that it leads us firsthand into the world of a Bessarabian clarinetist, who for decades was a much sought-after musician for all manner of festivities. Fortunately he wrote down everything that particularly pleased him in performance. Indeed, that's how this very important collection came into existence, condensed into a most suitable format and carried along to his new adopted home, Brooklyn, NY.

We are most pleased, due to the possibilities afforded us by the medium of our website, to help insure that this repertory finds further promulgation, something that is German Goldenshteyn's greatest wish!

The musical volumes under discussion consist of copies from the original manuscripts! The pieces are notated in Bb (i.e. for Bb-clarinet, trumpet, soprano or tenor saxophone), thus sounding an entire whole-tone lower. As in the case of the Beregovski collection, there are no chords notated here. The melodies are left open for harmonization, certainly a labor of love for inquisitive and creative klezmorim.

It is our hope, that soon other sequel volumes will be presented, likewise in manuscript, and that the music proffered here will be transformed into beautiful tones!

To order German Goldenshteyn's Books, please click here!